Assault on Saint Le Groute

Played with 1/72 plastics and using a variation of the Damned Human Race rules.

View from German side, left flank, facing north. Estate in the bottom left, village in the upper left. Open field in the bottom right, wheat field in the upper right.

German center. Open field in the bottom left, wheat field in the upper left, a body of adult woods starting from the bottom right and spreading out to the upper right.

German right flank. Private home at bottom and top of picture. Adult woods running the length of the left hand side. A planted forest of conifer trees is at right, with the lower right being clear cut, and the upper right being an open field.

German infantry advance on the estate. The squad halts while two 'lucky'fellows go and scout out the main building. They find no trace of the enemy.

A panzershrek team advances along the inner courtyard of the estate and takes up a position at the eastern entrance.

On the right flank a Pz III M rolls up near the house and takes up an over watch position.

A 251 halftrack rolls up to help over watch the estate courtyard on the left flank.

Light mortar fire falls on the Pz III M causing no damage, but frazzles a few nerves.

Back on the left flank an MG42 team sets up just outside the eastern entrance to the estate. A second panzershrek team advances along the outside of the wall as a Pz IV F lumbers into the edge of the field trying to draw enemy fire.

To the right of the Pz IV F a second infantry squad spreads out and advances to clear the wood line of possible threats.

Suddenly, at the bend in the stone wall, a .30 caliber machine gun crew opens fire on the German infantry squad in the field felling several enemy!

The MG42 spots the action and opens fire on the American machine gun hitting one of the crew!

The squad in the field returns a pitiful volume of fire but manages to knock off the American machine gunner! Their own ranks are noticeably thinner...

At the end of the wall (top of picture) a second .30 cal opens fire and knocks out the MG42! The Pz IV F advances up past the knocked out MG42 and empties its main gun and both MG34s silencing this second American position!

Back on the right flank the Pz III M gets a lot of visitors! Two 251s arrive carrying pioneers, a panzershrek team (at bottom), and the company mortars (at top right). A Pz IV/70(v) takes up position with a squad on infantry clinging to the top. The German commander also arrives with his headquarters group and all dismount, taking cover behind the building.

The German mortar section leader is ordered to suppress the building opposite of their position. His teams move quickly into action. A dozen mortar rounds impact slightly over and/or to the right of their target .

The German mortars begin their correction as the Commander decides there are too many people in that little space holding hands. All it would take is one lucky enemy mortar shot!

Suddenly to the northwest of the Pz III M an American anti-tank gun opens fire with several shots on the German tank. Two shots hit but are deflected!

The Pz III M rotates its turret and returns fire with main gun and MG34 resulting in a few American casualties!

Back on the German left flank a Stug IV advances past the cleared estate and prepares to blow a hole through the stone wall - no way the driver of that tank wants to go out that main exit with every American AT gun pointing at it!

On the German right the Pz IV/70(v) sprays the tree line of the planted conifer forest searching for any possible enemy infantry or AT guns.

A Pz IV J emerges into the tip of the adult woods at the German center and takes the American AT gun under fire wiping out the remaining crew!

The 251 carrying the panzershrek and pioneers races across the open field toward the knocked out American AT gun position in order to provide the Pz IV J with some dismounted support.

But a second American AT gun opens fire from the courtyard of the farm house which had been shelled earlier!

Two fatal hits! The 251 begins to burn when suddenly the Flammenwerfer carried by a pioneer explodes wiping out any survivors! The Americans celebrate as the black smoke curls skyward.

One the left flank the panzershrek team sneaking up the inside of the estate wall reach the corner and stick their heads over the wall for a peek.

Their eyes widen as they note targets to their left!

Two American M4A2 Shermans! The panzershrek team takes a pot shot at the lead tank but misses horribly! The Sherman returns fire with his machine guns and hits one of the panzershrek crew!

An American M10 just north of the panzershrek team comes alive and traverses it's turret trying to acquire the Pz IV F out side the estate wall!

The surviving 251 on the German right flank advances with a squad on infantry to the southeastern edge of the planted conifer forest. To their relief they arrive in one piece!

The American AT gun crew have already lost one man to the earlier mortar attack and decide their position is too exposed. They limber up their gun and try to get out of the line of fire from all the German armor opposing them! A German MG42 team in the HQ building take the jeep under fire and wipe out all but one survivor who flees for his life!

At top the Germans celebrate their small revenge for the destruction of their comrades in the burning 251!

On the German right flank the 251 dismounts the infantry squad which quickly identifies an American position in the conifer forest.

The German commander observes the battle field from his position in the house as the others located with him fire on the various possible American positions around them! The mortars at bottom right prepare to fire another mission on the opposing house, while a Pz IV F2 rolls up along side the Pz IV/70(v) scanning for enemy tanks or tank destroyers.

One the German right flank a fire fight begins to develop as the infantry fight a contest for the conifer woods!

There seems to be some activity behind the American building opposite the German commander. Although he cannot see behind the buildings a second fleeing enemy soldier indicates that more targets may remain!

Suddenly American infantry supported by a machine gun emerge at the edge of the adult woods facing the village!

The American TD takes the Pz IV F under fire but misses due to the tight shot picture offered!

A second TD begins to roll down the street in support of its brother - this could spell trouble for the Pz IV F! An American jeep with .50 cal roars to life from behind the church.

The Sherman who received the earlier fire from the panzershrek ignores the threat and rolls brazenly down the road to plug up the entrance to the estate. It pours both machine guns and main gun into the estate causing many casualties! The Stug IV begins to pivot to take the new threat under fire as the 251 behind it scrambles to get out of the enemy line of fire!

Two M4A2 Shermans power up and prepare to roll out from behind the building opposite the German right flank. The American commander had been killed in the initial mortar attack and the HQ element scattered. The tankers prepare to wreck some German armor in revenge!

An American infantry squad emerges from their hide position in the center of the battle field and prepare to stalk the Pz IV J in front of them!

Another American infantry squad appears to confront the Germans pushing into the conifer trees and the fire fight intensifies!

Two bazooka teams emerge from their buildings and stalk towards the cowering panzershrek team as they figure out how to get a shot at the Pz IV F trading shots with the TD!

The remaining American infantry pour out of their building in support of the daring tank crew bringing the fight to the enemy!

It was a fun battle up until this point but time ran out for the players! I know, terrible isn't it? After reviewing the battle report it was decided that the Americans had a Minor Victory with the Germans facing a Minor Setback. All in all it was a good game!

© 2008, Gabriel Landowski