Interview with:
The Kamloopian

I was wandering around YouTube watching terrain tutorials when I stumbled across one particular individual who at first absolutely reminded me of the missing McKenzie brother from the movie Strange Brew. The more I watched, however, the more I realized that Steve was someone to pay attention to - if for no other reason than to see what he did/said next....

TTT: How long have you been involved with miniatures?

Kamloopian: Er, bought my first minis in the 70's. They were Ral Partha, a genie (cause he looked cool) and some halflings and orcs (goblins). A couple or six lifetimes later, or eight years ago, I was reintroduced though an acquaintance's obsession for the hobby and through starting to make stuff for my son's model train set (which most dads tend to takeover).

TTT: Why do you gravitate towards terrain?

Kamloopian: I like trees, kind of been an art subject of mine throughout life. I was making miniature trees for art projects and thought model railroaders would be interested in the pine tree versions. I had more gamers interested in them or stand there and look at them trying to figure out how I made them. Plus a lot of the terrain pieces I was seeing were, well… lets just say that they could be better. As everyone else was painting I thought I'd build.

TTT: What on earth made you aim a camera at yourself and do the impromptu tutorials?

Kamloopian: Still haven't figured that one out. Heck, I'm a recluse. I guess it is ether a mid-life crisis type desperate need for approval thing, or a quest to prove something, er, unsure what yet, or maybe age and it is getting to be legacy time and I should share some of the crap I know. It could be an online resume TV show pilot idea hire me please thing, but more than likely though it is just practice; public speaking, eh.

TTT: Do you participate in any gaming clubs or conventions?

Kamloopian: I am thinkin'on joining darts and I use to go to a fair amount of those "rah-rah-rah sales/motivational/networking" type conventions. Did I mention I'm now a recluse?

Maybe in the future I'll find one close, or get my white elephant shop finished. I think there is a small gamer group going on downtown (15km trek), but they start playing around the time of night I burnout anyway.

TTT: What would you like to see happen with your video tutorials?

Kamloopian: Oh, man too late. Frig they're posted!!!

I do know a lot about hobby and lateral thinking stuff, but trying to figure out shooting video and video editing, all of the crap involved in running a web site, answering emails, and, and, and... if I ever get space inside a building where it is warm and I have control over the humidity a bit... I can build something and make some real tutorial videos.

Actually, for them to turn into a job or garnish some product placement advertisers so I can just keep making them.

TTT: What is "Kamloopian"?

Kamloopian: I've kind of been based out of Kamloops, BC since the mid-70's. The city was named using an anglicized version of the Shuswap word "Tk'emlups", which means "meeting of the waters". Not fitting the standard Kamloopsian's mold, fairly unique kind of guy, I took a more singular version of the name for our conurbation. The Kamloopian.

So, from "meeting of the waters" to "meeting a Steve", plus it just sounded like a good bush cowboy name for the net.

TTT: Do you do commissions?

Kamloopian: No, I've never paid anyone to paint or build stuff for me, nyuk nyuk.

I use to build a lot of things for people and still would be, but my #%$in'country's crooked postal service charges so much now and has size restrictions designed that make it too expensive.

I guess that is a yes, but be prepared for sticker shock.

TTT: What do you love most about the hobby?

Kamloopian: Pretending I'm 28mm high, the diversification of and within the geeks involved, building stuff and playing with cool toys.

TTT: What do you hate most?

Kamloopian: The price we are charged for plastic. Crap, I've ran an injection mold machine and I've made molds. They charge us too much. They were charging too much even back when they were all white metal.

TTT: Many thanks to Steve for his time and insight. Check out more of his stuff here and support him where you can to help keep the hobby growing and interesting. Cheers.

© 2008, Gabriel Landowski