Taliban 1880 Style

The French have finally been tipped off as to the location of a local war chief who goes by the title 'The King of Kabul'. Quietly the French are led to the sleeping village where their nemesis is fast asleep.

All appears quiet as the French advance with their rifles at the ready. The sun has just started to rise in the east.

As the French move to close off both exits from the walled village, dogs begin to bark inside the compound and the enemy begins to stir! (Note: People on top of buildings are actually inside of them. The structures do not have loopholes nor windows to fire from.)

The French at the eastern exit discover an unknown dwelling with enemy that is outside of the town but adjacent to the approach!

At the western entrance the French rush to enter the gap as the enemy can be heard rapidly preparing for battle!

The French quickly rush into the western gate and begin to snake around the buildings. As a small detachment circles north they are confronted by enemy rifles who have stumbled out of their building and into the street!

The other half of the squad secures the main foot path heading east, however an Afghan warrior rushes from his building and slays a Legionairre causing two of the French to flee!

The King of Kabul, at bottom, orders out a group of rifles to cover the eastern gate as a small fire fight can be heard just to the north!

More enemy riflemen flood the street and rush towards the French who have just entered via the western gate!

The French squad leader rushes to make it inside the walled village but he can already hear that he might be too late! Another squad of enemy rifles slides into position next to their allies as the King watches at left.

With daring and great bravery the French leader at the eastern gate makes a short half circle and halts his men directly in front of the opening. Although their aim is effected by the sudden maneuver, the French bullets find and fell many of the enemy rifles awaiting them! The King and a subordinate leader stand in shock as their entire line crumbles to the ground in a hail of accurate rifle fire!

Several straggler Afghans move into position and snipe at the French out in the open - success! Several fall and more flee in panic!

A second Afghan squad rushes to fill the void and fires wildly into the French. Another Legionairre falls and more flee! The French squad leader holds his position and orders the remaining men to keep firing!

A second French squad arrives just in time sensing the seriousness of the situation. Without waiting, the sergeant orders his men to attack and they rush screaming into the enemy!

Fighting is fierce and many fall on both sides!

Suddenly the scattered French outside the eastern gate find themselves flanked and under fire! It is a good thing the Afghans were sprinting into position else some of their shots might have actually hit!

More French flood into the western gate and men fire on each other at point blank range!

Several French fall and a squad leader, with saber drawn, leads more men into the dangerous space!

Back at the eastern gate the French NCO rallies his men who exchange shots with the gathering Afghans!

The French seem to be making headway at the western gate at bottom, but the eastern gate at top looks bad!

The French edge forward dropping enemy but dying themselves as they claw to maintain their hold! Their rifles level on the narrow confined space and hammer out a deadly blow! The enemy, and the King himself, drop!

The footpath has been cleared and the King of Kabul is down! Afghans in the bottom building fire at the mass of white and blue bodies just outside their doorway!

More Afghans join the flankers firing at the French outside the eastern gate scoring a hit or two!

The small detachment in the northern edge of the village continues to slug it out with their rivals!

The French at bottom right fire into the dark confines of the building and hear the cries of fallen enemy!

The detachment leader leap-frogs (no pun intended) his men up the alley and presses the enemy!

The enemy inside the building return a hot and accurate fire!

Caught off guard the French flee the doorway and leave their comrades lying on the ground!

Fighting with the northern detachment has taken a toll on the enemy!

The French outside the eastern gate begin to fire into the village and on their flank attackers!

An enemy leader flees in panic out the gate and into the waiting arms of the French!

The deadly fire of the French rifles outside the eastern gate fells several enemy and drives most of the others off to cover and safety!

Some run so far that they end up behind the French outside of the opposite gate!

After a brief melee the French emerge victorious and open fire again through the eastern gate!

Their enemies are wiped away and the way is cleared once again!

The two remaining flank attackers as slain and a surviving enemy skulks near the wall!

The coward who ran finds the courage to shoot at the backs of the French just inside the western gate!

A Legionairre falls, shot from behind, while his comrade melees with a fleeing Afghan!

The skulker pops out to take a snap shot and misses the French outside the eastern gate!

Having decided that enough was enough a French leader leads the charge into the house of death!

They are victorious! Only one small afghan warrior remains and should be handled easily!

Impossibly another rag tag band of warriors blocks the eastern gate! Where do they all come from?!?

The fire, although not overly accurate, manages to spread the French even more!

The men tire on both sides, and although it seems the French have the upper hand the Afghans fight on!

Surprise! The lone Afghan shoots the gallant French leader and two Legionairres flee! That leaves two enemies left in that small, dark space. Both size each other up and prepare to fight!

Fighting at the northern edge of the village is falling in favor of the French albeit very slowly!

Leader of the fleeing flank attackers takes up position outside the western gate and fires on the French there!

More stragglers from the shattered flank party begin to regroup at the corner of the wall!

The French outside the eastern gate dodge the sniper fire from the corner of the wall. They would like nothing more to rush inside the village walls!

But there enemy rifle barrels wait to belch a hot and violent death into their faces!

The situation thus far: Straggler Afghans at north (left) and west (bottom). Remaining Afghan rifles just inside the eastern gate at top. More French are scattered off picture at top trying to come in.

It soon becomes clear to the surviving Afghans that the King has fallen and that they would most likely be wiped out to the last man. Determined to fight again another day, the remaining Afghan leader orders his men to lay down their arms and surrender to the French!

All in all a fun game played with Damned Human Race rules on a table less than three foot square! I'd give the French a victory spread of 68% due to the unintentional killing of the King and their high casualties. Cheers & Regards!

© 2008, Gabriel Landowski