Protect The Beer!

A nameless town in the British sector of France and a modified version of the Damned Huamn Race rules for WWII.

The Germans charge out of the south west.

With their scout cars in the lead.

A British scout car observes their approach from south center of the battle space.

German bikes with sidecars roar in from the south east as a second British scout car watches from a distance.

The scouts call in the approaching threats.

All is quiet to the west.

The British commander sits to the north east with his supply of beer and armored security platoon.

A lone German Panther is hungry to strike.

A British platoon occupies the central part of the field.

The German spear is headed directly for them!

The small collection of buildings to the west remains quiet as a British scout car watches to the west.

The Firefly platoon leader orders his men to fire up their engines.

The second Brit scout car in the south exchanges machine gun fire with the assembling German forces.

The PzIIIs charge forward regardless.

The British commander rolls to join his central platoon.

He gives the order and their tanks roll to life to face the enemy!

The German throw out a wall of fire which smashes the southern Brit scout car.

The crew manages to bail with minor injuries.

The British tank killer platoon to the north reorients to cover the open space to their south.

The German Panther halts and takes the central Britsh armor under fire.

The stalwart Brit tankers halt and fire back.

A PzIV breaks and runs from the firing line as Panther and German commander glare.

The Firefly and remaining Shermans add to the melee.

A PzIV rolls up the western side of the board as the Brit scout car there hides.

The motorcycles and second scout car to the south east exchange machine gun fire.

The PzIV on the western portion of the field lines up an the central Firefly.

Hit! The Firefly takes a critical hit and the crew is out of action!

The other PzIVs are eager to add to the tally.

Score! Another Sherman out of action on the western side of the village.

A forth British scout car to the north west turns to watch the action unfold in the center of the field.

The security armored force leave the beer in order to shore up the crumbling central village position.

The British commander points on of their main guns down the road to the west.

The German cycles to the south west displace and pour their fire into the Brit scout car to their front.

One of the PzIVs on the fire line is immobilized but keeps on firing!

A Pz III takes a crew hit and rolls to a halt while the Brit scout car burns.

A surviving Sherman from the central platoon fights on courageously.

The security armored platoon fire at will in support.

The other surviving tank from the central platoon follows the lead of his mate.

The forth Brit scout car approaches the western clutch of buildings from the north west.

A second PzIV joins the first on the western side of the fight. The British armor occupy the village in the distance.

A third tank from the central platoon is knocked out!

The tank killer platoon to the north can't acquire any Germans but wait patiently.

The German scout cars roar up the western side of the field to occupy the small clutch of buildings to be greeted by the Brit's machine gun!

The PzIIIs press along the southern portion of the field headed west to occupy the woods there. The Panther decides to join them.

One of the German bike machine gun teams gets blown away.

The fire fight in the western buildings is wild but ineffective.

The third scout car in the west woods decides to stop hiding and help his fellow locked in battle.

View from the security Sherman position facing to the south west looking at the German PzIIIs and Panther. Notice the target on the door behind the tanks? Coincidence but ironic.

The Germans simply hammer back.

Western PzIV is at left. Scouts are fighting in buildings just north of them. tank killer platoon at top add their fire on the PzIIIs and Panther at bottom. Shermans are in village at right with beer supply at top right.

The forth Brit scout car folds to German guns.

One of the Shermans in the security platoon is immobilized!

A PzIV to the west closes to kill the Brit scout firing from there.

Despite his earlier success the second Brit scout car starts taking a pounding from the converged German motorcycle fire.

The tank killers fire like mad men but don't seem to hit much of anything.

The western PzIVs menace all they can see and some how the third Brit scout survives.

Two German scout cars watch to the north past their recent kill...

...while the third watches the silent Sherman on the edge of the village to the east.

The two PzIIIs ignore the tank killers to their left flank as they pathetically fire in support of the Panther on their right.

The German commander continue to direct the battle as the immobilized PzIV at right fires.

PzIV on the western half continues to fire into the woods east of the village.

The Panther suddenly bursts forth from the woods to the south in order to occupy the trees next to the scouts on the western part of the battle field. He hopes to knock out the British tank killer platoon before the Shermans show up to flank him.

The Brits are ripe for the slaying!

With the suddenly departure of the Panther one PzIII explodes as another goes silent!

The British security platoon is heartened!

The German scouts in the west turn to pile onto the third Brit scout and it burns!

The Brit tank killers concentrate their fire on the Panther...

...but he PzIVs move up the western half of the board to take them under fire from their right flank!

German commander with disabled PzIV and smashed PzIIIs are to the lower left. The Panther and scouts are in the clutch of buildings to the west at middle left. PzIVs are at top left firing on Brit tank killers at center top. Brit beer at top right. Smashed Brit armor in village at right with surviving security platoon in the trees. Brit scout at bottom left being shredded by surviving German bikes.

Having silenced the second Brit scout in the south east, the German bikes roll to the woods to capture the surviving enemy crew near the PzIIIs.

Fighting continues in the north west portion of the battle field with minimal results.

A Brit tank killer finds the tables reversed!

The surviving Firefly rolls into the village at center bottom and points west down the road to engage the Panther...

...while its pair of Shermans roll in on the right flank to shoot up the PzIVs!

The Brit commander closes in behind the security platoon as they fight.

The Panther detects the threat and traverses east to engage...

...its a duel of the two heaviest guns on the battle field!

With the remaining British tanks and tank killers focused on the PzIVs and Panther, the German scout platoon heads north and swings to the east stopping short of the critical beer supply!

The tank killers react first by displacing to engage these light targets to their east...

...followed by the Firefly and Shermans who come roaring through the trees.

Too late! One of the trucks is riddled by enemy fire and explodes into flame. The British commander is frantic.

Back to the south wood a German motorcycle team guards the damaged PzIIIs and scans for other threats from the south east.

The British armor appears to be having trouble working in amongst the trees as they open fire with everything they've got and only scratch the evil scouts.

Mean while the Panther keeps plinking away trying to score a hit with a left flank shot on the Firefly trying to ignore him.

The Brits keep firing and one scout car explodes while the one at right loses its main gun!

The Panther decides to go after the objective and roars in on the road from the west until he turns a corner at the recently vacated British position in the village to find a shooting gallery of enemy trucks!

As the Panther roars with main gun and machine gun fire the British commander watches two more trucks catch fire or explode.

Keeping up the initiative the Panther advances into the field at north east and sends another load of beer to the scrap yard.

Amidst the chaos while the surviving scout car disables the last truck in the middle of the burning field with a long spray of machine gun fire.

The British stand stunned at all the ruined beer as the Germans decide how to get out from under their guns in one piece. It's clearly a Major German victory!

© 2009, Gabriel Landowski