Raid on Light House Point

using the rules of the Damned Human Race

A Russian sentry stands guard as he keeps watch from a top of a sea cliff.

Behind and downhill from him pack mules stir in the early morning light. Behind the animals the smoking ruins of the light house keeper stand mute.

At the base of the hill leading up to the cliff position the sergeant of the watch occupies the central defensive position. He and his men are guarding the supplies which will be required to support the campaign to come.

On the Russian left flank a highly trained soldier stands guard behind his pintle mounted Gatling gun.

On the Russian right flank another also does his duty protecting the vital supplies.

Maxim machine guns, coils of barbed wire, and the other materials of war wait to be put to use.

The local livestock have been rounded up and kept close by. The garrison is sure to eat well for several weeks to come!

The village huts on the Russian right flank now house sleeping Russian soldiers as their former occupants had run away after the first heavy guns had dropped several shells close by.

The village on the Russian left flank is a mirror of the first save for the fresh water well at center.

Two Gardner guns stand ready in the ruins of an old storage shed now converted into a fighting position. The two Russians on watch fight their drooping eye lids.

A thick band of barbed wire protects their perimeter and the dark jungle lays beyond.

Neither sentry is aware of the eyes which peer at them from the shadows. Rifle sights draw a bead on their bright white uniforms. A sudden clash of rifle fire and the two men fall!

The German native troops emerge from the edge of the jungle with their barrels smoking. The designated men rush forward and drop heavy split logs across the wire!

The path is now clear and they signal for the others to advance!

A Russian sergeant stumbles out of his hut at the sound of the shooting! Alarm, alarm!

Another team of natives runs forward and places their logs which allows their German leader and brothers to cross the wire freely.

On the German right flank another team rushes forward but stumbles short of their objective.

More Russians manage to emerge and start firing!

The German regular troops push out of the jungle and follow quickly on the heels of their advancing natives!

Three of the four crossing points have been established and the German native troops rush ahead!

Although it is their first time in battle these green German soldiers pour through the gap like seasoned professionals.

The Russian commander emerges from the light house demanding to know who is firing!

The sentry on duty points out the width of the engagement and it soon becomes clear there is serious mischief a foot! The commander and the sentry turn one of the guns around in order to shelter behind its shield. It is too bad ammunition for the guns was loaded on the wrong ship!

The Russian sergeant calmly sights in on the natives as they emerge and picks off a few.

The German squad leader watches two of his men fall and a few others flee back to the wire. Angrily he orders his men to return fire on the mealie bag wall!

The Russian Gatling on the right flank begins to pour fire into the wire where the enemy has yet to cross.

His efforts knock a few down and cowers the rest!

The Russian Gatling on the left opens fire as well!

Another German sergeant curses as a swath of his men are cut down...

...or run away!

The German sergeant by the wire tries to get the last logs into place but his men are momentarily scattered.

Meanwhile the green German squad is performing like stars as they dress their ranks and fire - success! They silence one of the Russian Gatlings!

On the German left flank regulars rush across the gap!

On their heels another squad crosses and peels off to the right.

At top the German left flank appears to be advancing nicely while the German right flank at bottom seems to have stalled!

The Russian held villages and supply depot waiting to receive them!

A furious Russian commander bellows for the men to turn out and return fire. The enemy is moving far too quickly!

The German wave presses forward.

The surviving Russian Gatling adjusts his fire ever so slightly.

The German regulars watch in horror as the rest of the native squad are cut down before their eyes!

The green German regulars advance to the edge of the closest village.

Russian soldiers emerge in small groups and pour accurate fire on them!

The raw German troops experience war as several of their brothers fall!

In the center of the field the German natives again come under accurate fire and break for the jungle with their German sergeant at the lead!

Sensing the danger the Russians along the mealie wall hold, a squad of German regulars forms ranks and volley fires on the central position.

The Russian sergeant falls!

The surviving Russian Gatling shifts his aim and cranks away sending death into the wire passage point.

His expert aim fells a few of the enemy and sends more scampering for the rear!

The Russians slip silently out of their huts and take up sniper positions using the structures for cover and concealment.

Thier aim is dead on as more of the green German regulars spin to the ground and others run for cover!

Seeing the raw German troops taking a beating the native soldiers rush forward to fill the void.

Other German officers continue to press the natives forward to maintain the momentum!

The other half of the squad charges and surprises the snipers from the rear!

The brave green German squad continues to take casualties, but they also manage to hold on!

While the Russians and natives deal each other equal blows a squad of elite Germans hurries in to form a firing line just as more of the enemy emerge from their shelters. It's a firing squad!

In the other village individual Russians emerge and inflict accurate fire on the exposed native who were covering for the shattered green soldiers.

Two natives are hit and one almost loses his nerve.

The broken German squad leader in the jungle regains his head and rushes back waving for his men to press forward!

They comply and continue to slip up the left flank!

The German commander likes what he sees and moves to join them.

Having smashed the Russians to the ground in the village, the elite German sqaud rushes forward to sieze the mealie bag wall defenses!

The Russian commander and sentry open fire to repell them.

The Russian commander is hit!

The Germans have little time to celebrate. Their leader snaps off several quick shots at an enemy sergeant but misses all three times.

Fortunately his soldiers shoot better and the second Gatling falls silent!

The battered natives hurry to support the advancing regulars but their fire is wild and hits nothing! The Russian sergeant appears to be charmed!

Meanwhile the natives and surviving green German troops exchange fire with the Russians dug in to the village with the well.

A pair peek around a corner and open fire!

Several natives are cut down!

The whole line wavers as if trying to decide to fight or run!

More Russians emerge trying to encourage the enemy to take flight.

The tip of the German advance prepares to leap the walls.

The Russian supply depot is theirs for the taking!

Germans on the left flank keep the Russians in the second village pinned down.

All four breach lanes are open but not all German troops are forward of the wire!

Sensing the natives are about to fold the last squad of regulars hurries through the gap and plugs the hole!

Thus supported a small band of natives rushes forward and guns their Russian attackers down where they stand.

More Russian troops emerge form the huts firing like mad men.

Some of the brave natives are cut down for their effort!

On the left flank the German commander orders his men there to seek cover in the scrub brush near the village.

Russians continue to pour out of the huts screaming for German blood!

A German officer and native finally stop fleeing long enough to get embarrassed and rejoin the fight.

Two Russian soldiers leap from a hut and surprise a hapless native!

What is left of the green German squad continues to plink away at the enemy emerging from their hiding places...

...while a native squad is led around the left flank for a cross fire!

The German commander watches with mild interest as his troops begin to mop up the remaining pockets of resistance.

A paniced Russian soldier flees for his life!

His brethren continue to put up a fight despite being surrounded.

The flanking native squad is all but wiped out by deadly rifle fire!

The German natives are the first to pile over the mealie bag wall and take the central fighting position...

...while their officer gets into a pistol duel with a Russian whose luck does not hold out!

Back toward the wire the Russians in the well village continue to fire on the advancing German regulars.

Their officer and two others fall but the men hold steady!

The German forces ringing the village are in disarray but together throw out a shower of lead.

One of the retreating Russians discovers the hard way that the mealie bag wall is no longer held by friendlies.

Both Gatlins blaze to life and begin to tear apart the huts where the remaining Russian soldiers are hiding!

The lead German squad leader guns down a fleeing Russian and orders the survivors in the village to be taken prisoner.


  • Major Victory!
  • Fit for Duty: Commander, 4 officers, 29 enlisted, 22 natives.
  • Flesh wound: 1 officer, 1 enlisted, 5 natives.
  • Minor wound: 2 officers, 2 enlisted, 3 natives.
  • Serious wound: 2 enlisted, 9 natives.
  • Severe wound: 1 enlisted, 3 natives.
  • Mortal wound: 1 officer, 3 enlisted, 8 natives.
  • Dead: 2 enlisted, 6 natives.


  • Major Defeat!
  • Captured: 20 enlisted
  • Flesh wound: 7 enlisted.
  • Minor wound: 3 enlisted.
  • Serious wound: 2 officers, 2 enlisted.
  • Severe wound: Commander, 1 officer, 3 enlisted.
  • Mortal wound: 1 officer, 3 enlisted, 8 natives.
  • Dead: 5 officers, 3 enlisted.

© 2010, Gabriel Landowski