Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 1

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The remote hill village of Karnash has declined over the last century to the point of a near ghost town. The native commander, Rashad Kahn, has returned to his ancestral home in order to breath new life into the land with the help of his new Russian allies. He looks down on the village from the east.

The Kahn's elite body guard assume their guard positions on top of and inside a small mud brick dwelling.

Meanwhile a Russian machine gun and crew find a bit of high ground where they can meet any German advance from the south.

A native squad led by a Russian advisor enter from the north edge of town. They reach the eastern side of their destination.

A sister squad moves in column down the western side of the structures.

More of the Kahn's men arrive from the northeast headed for the village center.

Unknown to the Kahn or his men a crew of tired Germans lug a Maxim machine gun in from the southeast. Still recovering from their wounds of the previous battle the men are happy they don't have to carry all of the equipment themselves. So much for light duty....

Another squad of Germans emerges from the southwest. These elite men immediately detect their rivals in the building and on the ridge beyond and open with a deadly fire!

More of the Kahn's men appear from the northeast and maneuver to enter the town from the north as several of their brethren spin and fall from the roof tops.

A squad of German natives arrives from the southeast and marches up one of the roads leading to the village center.

The Russian machine gun crew has also taken two casualties and one man run off. The NCO curses under his breath as he clings to his meek cover.

Locals pressed into service arrive from the northwest with their Russian minder.

Two additional squads of Russian led natives reinforce the machine gun on the ridge.

From the southeast an eager column of German regulars rush ahead of their fellow native squad.

Ahead of them the Germans can hear the angered cries of the enemy natives closing in from the north.

Yet another native squad rushes in from the northeast and begins to move toward the German right flank!

Additional Russian reinforcements arrive from the north and occupy the roof top on one of the northern buildings.

More German natives arrive from the southeast but move to approach from the south in order to avoid the log jam on the road.

An enraged Kahn orders his surviving elite guard and half a squad on the hill to take the expert German regulars under fire. This they do with devastating effect slaying a few, including the leader, and scattering several more!

More Russian natives appear to threaten the German right flank.

The Russian left wing swells with the sheer number of new arrivals from the northeast!

More local natives arrive to support the Kahn's right wing though they be inexperienced!

More German regulars arrive from the southwest to bolster their remaining elite brothers who haven't fallen or fled for cover.

The German commander arrives on the scene. His disapproval of his elite men shames them into action. They charge forward to seize a toe hold in the village as the others provide covering fire!

The elites rush forward and several pile into a mud building while others fire on the natives to the northwest.

Despite their mad rush the German fire is still accurate enough to drop one of the natives and send their Russian minder fleeing for cover!

The other half of the elites open fire on the ridge above the village where too many of the enemy have crowded together.

A handful of the Russian led natives tumble to the ground while several more turn and flee from the exposed hill top!

Not to be out done the Kahn's surviving body guard fire on the German regulars approaching from the south and hit a few. To their credit the Germans don't panic and hold their ground.

Situation at end of Turn 1.

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