Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 2

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As the main body of the German force rushes to enter the village, the machine gun squad leader orders his men to the right flank. Even though they all nurse wounds from the previous fight, the sergeant intends to rain lead into the advancing native hordes determined to flank their line.

No sooner does the gun get dropped into position then the enemy appears! The gunner hurriedly sprays the enemy but only manages to hit a single unlucky fellow! The horror!

Unfortunately for the machine gun crew their previous target advances in good order and fires a deadly volley!

The squad leader, an enlisted man, and a native go down under the withering fire, while the rest flee for their lives!

Meanwhile, back in the village, a raw group of natives is cut to pieces by the deadly fire of the elite German rifles which had established a toe hold.

Their fleeing squad leader cuts across the path of a sister squad which also suffers several casualties.

A few of the men run while the others hang back to see what their sergeant orders next.

From atop of the ridge nearest the machine gun a native squad decends the hill and enters the building from where the Kahn directs the battle.

A squad of green German regulars advances up the road and takes up positions behind one of the buildings and along a stone wall.

The natives press forward on their own left flank looking to advance upon the abandoned machine gun.

More natives fire as they decend the hill to occupy their positions behind the Kahn's main compound. These rifles exchange fire with the German regulars behind another stone wall.

A mob of raw locals hunker down inside of a draw leading to a hill on the native right flank.

The Kahn's surviving elite rifles regoup and pour a deadly fire into the German elites in the building opposite of them.

The German elite's are supported by a fresh squad of regulars (pennies represent soldiers inside of the structure - elite line the wall facing the village center).

Another mob of untrained villagers follows their Russian master up the draw on the right flank.

A squad of native rifles arrives at the north side of the Kahn's building and they begin to carefully fire on the elites across the way.

Disaster! Three of the German elites have fallen and one of the German regulars breaks and runs from the building!

The survivors hunker down and return fire as best they can! The native shooting has been deadly accurate. (Note: I decided to place the figures on the roof tops even though they are inside. Any figures which are considered on the roof will have a penny covering a portion of their base.)

The native which survived the earlier pounding close in and occupy the buildings adjacent firing as they come!

Although his raw squad is nearly destroyed the Russian advisor never gives up and orders his men to engage at will!

The Kahn is in white holding the banner at top. His numerous supporters crowd around him hoping to get a shot in at the infidels!

After advancing a regular squad up to assist the elites, the German commander slips behind the southern most building to check in on his center forces.

Suddenly the Russian machine gun at top center opens a long deadly blast which mows down most of a fresh German native squad maneuvering to the south! To their credit the leader and surviviors hold their ground.

More natives advance into the southern building of the Kahn's compound and open fire on the Germans across the street.

At an order from the Kahn all along the native line fire pours into the German elites and cuts them down to a man! The regulars which were meant to bolster the position instead bolt like scared alley cats out the backdoor and up the hillside!

German native troops in the southern buildings try to suppress the enemy but to little effect.

The fleeing Germans soon find themselves under the inexperienced but no less deadly guns of the enemy!

In their excitement the natives forgot to watch out for the Germans who had not run and are smashed in the process.

The German squad leader quickly gathers his wits about him and leads his surviviors back to the house of death.

At far left the survivors of the machine gun attack advance and pour an accurate fire into the Kahn's southern building.

Several of the enemy are killed and a few more flee for their lives!

A lone surviving German crewman limps back to stare down three advancing enemy squads with his machine gun!

The native wave is closing in...

...and the Kahn's compound is well stocked with faithful soldiers.

The Germans try to solidify their hold but their casualties continue to mount and their future begins to look bleak. Where is the last squad with the supply pack animals?

The inexperienced natives on the Russian right flank prepare to seize the crest of the main hill.

The Russian machine gun crew picks out their next juicy target and prepares to fire!

The Kahn gives out a cry which is taken up by his men!

The numb German soldiers cling to their cover and wait for the enemy to show himself.

The natives too search for their next target!

Shades of blue are the German forces which currently have a toe hold on the southern three building complexes. Black dots on a marker indicate that it is on the roof top.

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