Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 3

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A mob of native villagers reaches the top of the hill commanding a view of the town and all of the German held positions.

German regulars pile back into the House of Death and pour a fire across the village square where the deadliest native fire seems to originate.

One of the Kahn's elite men clutches his head as he whirls to the ground!

Native rifles file into the remaining spots in an adjacent building and fire through the loopholes.

The other half of the squad are next door and add to the fusillade.

German regulars move across the street into the rear of the House of Death to cover the hill which the natives have just taken.

The native left flank takes a nasty sting from the German held buildings at center as several men crash to the ground and a few more scatter!

Meanwhile their brother unit advances further on the native left flank to fire a volley at a lone figure behind the machine gun. The brave German native pitches over backward!

The German regulars in the House of Death continue to pour a hot fire into their enemy across the square.

Two more of the Kahn's elite bodyguard are no more!

At the rear of the House of Death the German regulars spot movement on the hill and open fire.

An enemy native falls while two others scatter!

Back in the town more natives move to take the place of the fallen elites as rifles blaze back at the Germans across the way.

The native shots are accurate and deadly as two of the Germans attackers now find themselves the target!

German native rifles to the south open fire to try and suppress the enemy attack.

Success as two natives fall from their holes!

German regulars behind the southern most building take the enemy on the hill top under fire.

Three enemy natives are killed and two are driven back to include their Russian minder!

The right wing of the Russian thrust has been driven back for now.

On the Russian left the recently stung native squad disperses into the thick hill grass and snipes at the Germans ahead.

While the sniping continues other natives across the street open almost point blank fire on the German natives.

At the village center another native stronghold fires into the House of Death.

And from the north even more native rifles sling messages of death at the enemy!

The Russian machine gun on the hill can see all the shots striking the House of Death at top center and decides to add their own fire power to the task! All of the concentrated fires whittle the German defenders down one man at a time.

The enemy fire across the small deadly space take two more German natives.

The Kahn personally directs fires from all of the positions ringing the village square and wipes out the remaining Germans at their eastern loopholes in the House of Death!

The Russian machine gun team even level their own rifles to fire a few well placed shots!

From the north a freshly arrived Russian native squad moves toward their crumbling right flank under cover of the mud brick buildings.

The German natives fire from every side of their shelter. There are just too many of the enemy swarming in for the kill!

It has become all too clear to a German sergeant in the alley between the buildings that the situation is now untenable. To him remaining in the village will only result in certain death and he orders his natives back out of the buildings and south along the road.

He places his men in the shelter of a low hill and hopes to move before the enemy can reposition to fire.

Russian leaders place scattered men along a stone wall and they fire into the rear guard still in the House of Death to little effect.

The German commander watches his remaining natives withdraw to the south and decides his sergeant is right as the last squad of German rifles has still failed to show with the pack animals. He leads the men around him to evacuate to the south and orders the House of Death to be abandoned. The survivors there obey but with much regret.

A Russian native squad advances through their slain and scattered countrymen. These men have had some training and they take up a ragged position along the hill top to again threaten the German retreat to the south!

A lone German sergeant continues to fire at the native snipers closing in through the tall grass from the east.

The Russian left wing with retreating German natives at top center. The silenced German machine gun is at top left.

The Russian left center with the Kahn and his fortified strong house packed with natives. The Russian machine gun crew is in over watch at bottom.

The Russian right center positions. The House of Death remains as silent as its occupants while decimated German soldiers cling to the buildings at top.

The Russian right flank looks down onto the same view with the additional advantage that their rifles can now touch the German route of retreat!

The shades of blue represent the remaining German forces on the field of battle as the red, orange, yellow and green native elements press their advantage.

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