Fantasy Dungeon Delving ~ In 10mm

A couple of years ago, browsing the internet for game ideas, I was amazed to discover it was possible to purchase an entire range of 10mm metal monsters and critters exquisitely sculpted and designed to be used in classic old school style dungeon crawl games. To my astonishment and delight this range of miniatures was complemented by a 10mm 3D resin dungeon. I could buy a complete game of figures plus the 3D tiles at a very reasonable price. Far less, in fact, than it would ordinarily cost me to acquire even a single fantasy army in 28mm scale.

Yes, it's possible to purchase a lot of exquisite metal and plastic 10mm fantasy miniatures from various stores and on-line companies. To my certain knowledge only Pendraken Miniatures offers a complete range of monsters and 3D dungeon designed specifically for the small scale game to play role-playing adventures. All of which would fit on a large dinner tray or small kitchen table!

However, I was disappointed to discover there were no rules to go with the figures and dungeon. I was so taken by the idea of putting together a game in this scale, that I contacted Dave Pengilley and asked him if I could write a set of rules to go with the Pendraken fantasy range.

The result was a game I called Dungeon World which is available as a freebie on the fantasy section of Pete Jones Free Wargames Rules site < >. The fully play tested rules are sound, flexible and enjoyable to play. One day I'll go back and write a 2nd edition rulebook for the loyal hardcore knot of gamers who have steadfastly followed the Dungeon World game since its conception in 2008.

Over the last couple of years I've sadly been busy with writing and other gaming projects. My initial instinctive purchase of these beautiful miniatures have found them unused and unloved in a glass display cabinet. I'm just thankful I painted them up when I first bought them. This makes them ready to go and the dungeon set is dry brushed and calls out seductively play with me. Now the time is ripe for me to pick up the banner again.

How many of you remember the original Gary Gygax Tactical Studies Rules game of Dungeons and Dragons, or the original Chainmail game? RPG was a bit different back then, *wink*. I now find myself drawn back to the 10mm figures with a vengeance. I'll have a new series of battle reports with RPG campaign material and in-game stories to follow. I will build up a mini dungeon crawl campaign in the classic and nostalgic hack and slash old school style of the 1970's. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a closer look at 10mm gaming as an alternative to the larger and more common scales!

© 2010, Stephen A Gilbert