Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 4

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On the Russian left flank the natives in the tall grass are collected and driven forward by their cowardly minder. They halt just in sight of the sheltered German natives and take a few pot shots which amount to nothing.

Back in the village the natives in the central buildings wait for any enemy snipers or advancing columns. Neither show themselves.

The brave German sergeant who had stayed behind emerges from his precarious hold and orders the German native troops to withdraw in good order off the field. This move leaves him dangerously exposed behind a stone wall at top right.

The natives depart as ordered leaving behind another German NCO who watches helplessly as the Russian left flank siezes the machine gun and points it at him. The native line opens fire but only two shots strike near enough to be of concern!

On the opposite side of the field the weak Russian right flank is reinforced with fresh troops who know how to fight!

The Russian natives in the center right of the line watch the German sergeant crouch down behind a stone wall at top center. On their own initiative they fire a volley in revenge for their slain Russian advisor. Success as the German clutches his head and slumps to the ground!

Veteran reinforcements pass the Russian machine gun crew on their way to join the Russian left flank.

Not wishing to face the fire of his own machine gun a German NCO sprints past the remaining building where a handful of his fellows have sought shelter. He must have been running too fast as only one trooper on the outside of the building follows him off of the battle field.

A battered Russian center right advances to seize part of the House of Death. So far all remains quiet.

Realizing they are the last men on the field two German sergeants and troopers run for all they are worth to barely make it off the field of battle with their hides intact!

From the hill top the Russian right flank throws up a cheer as they witness their enemy flee before them!

All of the troops on the right flank begin to cheer and celebrate!

Then the center right follows suit!

The elation spreads to the Russian center left!

Finally realization reaches the Russian left flank - victory is with the Kahn!

The Russian advisor inspects his captured prize as his troops celebrate their victory. Although he did not get a chance to use it on the Germans today he had a feeling there would be another opportunity in the days to follow.

The Kahn gives thanks and takes the victory as a sign he should continue to make war on the Germans where ever he may find them. His Russian advisors take note of his eagerness and plan how best to use it to their advantage.

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© 2010, Gabriel Landowski