McCourt's Revenge

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They laugh and they joke while hatching their plans,
rolling the dice before moving their stands.
They've all gone before us and play all they're able,
may they save us a spot at the Big Gaming Table.

In honor of DCPD Sergeant James McCourt

The Raider home port of Carlsbad awakes to a new dawn.

Raider sailors go about the business of off loading their loot and taking on fresh supplies. The iron clad Ravenous is eager to repeat her successful attack on an American merchant ship the previous evening.

The professional Home Guard is led in their shore battery drill by their gunnery sergeant.

On the opposite side of Carlsbad a sentry shakes off the weight of sleep when he hears the sound of an approaching train. As he peers into the receding darkness he wonders who forgot to mention the supply train was coming a few hours early.

To his horror the supply train is churning full throttle toward the city walls with a horde of hostile natives covering the ground to the left and right of the rails.

It seems every native tribe with a bone to pick with the Raiders has come out at the same time!

The sentry notices the front flat car which is loaded with wooden crates. With a sinking feeling in his gut he wakes his fellow watchmen with curses and kicks.

Sergeant James McCourt grips the edge of his railcar with grim determination hell bent on revenge. He and several of his men were shoved off the side of the American merchant ship by the crew of the Ravenous the previous evening. McCourt was the only one to make it to shore through the shark infested waters.

The sentry crew jump on two Maxim machine guns and pour a terrible fire into the rolling horde of savages approaching their ring of protective spikes.

The sergeant of the guard calls out the sleeping men from their various bunk houses.

These bleary eyed Raiders are wide awake in seconds with the thrill of repelling another native attack. They eagerly prepare their rapid fire cannon and various machine guns for action!

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5| Turn 6

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski